Wordle Lighght

Wordle Lighght is a digital poetry NFT in the genre of electronic literature.

Wordle Lighghgt is an homage to Aram Saroyan’s 1960s one-word minimalist poem. A modified screenshot of my February First (2022) Wordle game is a contemporary redesign of Saroyan’s National Endowment for the Arts-funded one-word (seven-lettered) poem, “Lighght.”

Bringing the two works of conceptual art into economic dialog, Wordle Lighght is my first NFT, minted in February 2022. The goal is for “Lighght” depicted as a Wordle-inspired digital art collectable to accrue double-the-price of Saroyan's original $750 NEA award.

When funds have been raised, half will be (again) awarded to the poet.

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